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Our tour costs and booking conditions represent excellent value for money and are very reasonable. Being based in Mato Grosso, Brazil, rather than North America or Europe, helps keeping our operational costs down. Although we aren't always the least expensive in the market, it is important to compare exactly what you are getting when dealing with low cost of other local operators. Firstly, going on a tour with Pantanal Jaguar Safaris you are garanteed of private departures, private services, and private field guides. Secondly, we demand the higest quality of our field guides, tour leaders and ground agents. In addition, the services of professional tour leaders and field guides can make the difference in your Tour, especially in remote areas where traveling provides additional challenges. Due to constantly fluctuating exchange rates, tour price is fixed only in the Brazilian Reais R$, and the actual cost in the other currencies listed will be adjusted according to prevailing exchange rates at the time of final invoicing. 


Please contact us for the quotation of your tour choice.


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Photo: Sarinda Unambowee

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