Our Custom Tours

Although we offer a set of safaris, most of our tours are custom designed for individuals or groups of 2 to 8 people, according to your interest, available time, needs and budget. All our tours are focused on nature and wildlife, but can also be more specific like bird watching of endemic and endangered species or studying the jaguar in the Pantanal for example.
We can also arrange tours for wildlife photographers and documentary producers. PJS team members are all wildlife biologists and some are specialists in wildlife photography and birdwatching. PJS is also proud to have been able to design tours to meet the needs of people with disabilities, making nature and willife accessible to people that are often excluded.
Also, PJS runs safaris for families with young children. As parents with young kids our self, we know how important it is to produce holidays that are not only inspirational and fun, but also provide new experiences you’ll remember into your old age. Family travel should be happy, fulfilling times, bringing you back together as a family away from the pressures of modern life. Sharing and discovering new experiences together. If you have family or group with children of widely varying ages we can design activities to challenge the different age groups and keep them engaged. We understand the need to combine fun and learning for the kids with some exploration, and very importantly, relaxation for mom and dad. If you are thinking asking us to design a tour we suggest that as a first step you review and consider the types of tours we already offer in each destination, then send us an enquiry with your thoughts and questions. To make the process more efficient please complete the inquiry form with as much detail as possible. We look forward to designing the perfect eco-adventure for you or your group.


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