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Wildlife Tours to the Pantanal, the Amazon Rainforest and
the Brazilian

​We at Pantanal Jaguar Safaris are specialists in wildlife safaris to the best destinations of Brazil: the Amazon Rainforest, the Pantanal and the Cerrado, Brazilian Savanna. Our office is located in Cuiabá, literally in the heart of South America in the State of Mato Grosso, where these biomes converge.

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The Pantanal is an ever-changing celebration of life. Its Brazilian portion is around 150,000 square kilometres, makes it the largest wetland in the world. Located in the middle of the continent, the lowland plains are characterized by pronounced wet and dry seasons. Habitats range from evergreen forests to dry woodlands and true pantanal. This mosaic of seasonally-flooded savannas and tropical forests offers the finest wildlife viewing in Latin America. Its spectacular biodiversity includes: 698 birds species, 80 mammals, 260 fish species and 50 reptiles.

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Spreading through 23% of the nation’s territory, the Brazilian Savanna or Cerrado is Brazil’s second largest biome with 2 million km². Located in the central part of South America, it is in touch with the country’s other biomes: the Amazon (5,5 million km²), the Caatinga, the Atlantic rainforest, the Chaco and the Pantanal. The Cerrado is a mosaic of plateaus and valleys with various different plant formations, which has been categorized as a tropical savanna ecosystem similar to savanna territories in Africa and Australia.​


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The AMAZON rainforest is the world’s greatest natural resource and the most powerful and bio-actively diverse natural phenomenon on the planet. It is the world’s largest tropical rainforest covering more than half of Brazil. Scientists believe that it may contain half of the world’s species. Over 500 mammals, 175 lizards and over 300 other reptiles species. One third of the world’s birds live in the Amazon and it is estimated that about 30 million insect types can be found here.

cerrado, brazilian savanna, chapada, cachoeiras

The different altitude and habitats make it  one of the most diversed areas in South America. The vegetation and the fauna change completely as you move up the mountain., with  spectacular scenic beauty and unique vegetation. 

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