Our Classic Tours are the backbone of PJS success and reputation. We use the best available accommodation, seldom exceeding 3-star standards.

Our itineraries are planned to maximize your wildlife experience, as well as taking advantage of the major highlights of each destination.
Our Premier Tours offer stylish and luxury accommodations, specially chosen for their charm and exemplary guest service. This combined with small groups size (a maximum of 6 participants) or private group, an unrushed schedule an appreciated little extras, all add up to superb wildlife tour experience.
Our Intro Tours and Essential Tours arise from the demand for lower priced wildlife tours. We have been able to reduce tours rates by offering shorter tours which only concentrate on the essencial highlights of each region, be they Mammals or Birds. These tours are guided by full time PJS professional naturalist guides.
Our Birding Tours are structured on the same basis as our Classic Safari although our itineraries are planned to maximize your birding experience as well as taking advantage of the highlights of each destination. Our Birding tours are guided by experienced professional bird guides.
Our Photographic Tours are structured on the same basis as our Classic Safaris, but are designed and guided by professional wildlife photographers. They provide you with the chance to capture the most intimate wildlife moments.

To our customers we say thank you for the unwavering support; and those who are yet to experience a PJS Tour we look forward to host you in one of our exceptional wildlife adventures!

To provide you with the particular travel experience you desire, we have classified our tours into five categories:

Wildlife Tours, Jaguar Safaris, Photographic Tours, Birdwatching Tours to the finest wildlife destinations of Brazil


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