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Porto Jofre Jaguar Safari: Close encounter with Jaguars and a realm of other wildlife!


Photo: Judith Zimmerman

At the end of the Transpantaneira Road in the heart of this wild land winds a labyrinth of rivers, the Meeting of the Waters State Park in Porto Jofre. Our experience aquired during years of tracking jaguars along the rivers in the Pantanal allows us to take you to the best areas of this huge Reseve to watch and photograph these elusive cats. Our boatmen are local people who grew up working as fishermen in this wetland. They are trained to track Jaguars and have great knowledge on the behavior of these big cats.  As fishermen have been fishing in the same area for the last two decades some of the big cats are so accustomed to humans watching them from small boats that they allow us to observe their daily activities at close range.  Although Giant Otters are not our main target, our guests are usually deligthed to watch this top predator as we are in the middle of the Jaguar and the Giant Otter action. Giant otters can be visible for hours, while their fishing along the river or resting on the riverbanks. The riverside location at Porto Jofre offers accommodations that ranges from camping tents to stylish lodges and floating hotels, all options enable an early start  on the river in serch of jaguars and wildlife concentrated on the riverside forest.


This Tour offers unbeatable wildlife viewing as we cover the entire Transpantaneira road, crossing swamps, tropical forests, flooded-,savannas, producing close encounters with a realm of tropical wildlife including the Giant Anteater, Puma, Ocelot, Tyra, Yellow- Anacondas, birds such as Hyacinth Macaw, Toco Toucan , Jabiru Stork, to mention but a few.



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