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Here you'll find a selection of wildlife safaris, featuring combination of different destinations. These itineraries can be tailored to meet any specific requirements that you may have.
Amazon, Pantanal Wetlands and Savannas
12 nights

Mato Grosso State, Central-West Brazil is widely considered one of South America's wildlife and birding hotspots. This unique area is influenced by exceedingly diverse bio-geographic regions that converge here: The Pantanal, the Amazon Rainforest and Cerrado.

As these three biomes are relatively nearby we are now proud to offer the most compreheensive South-America's wildlife safari combining a Classic Pantanal Safari (6 nights) with our Amazon Rainforest Safari (4nights) and an extension of 2 nights in the Brazilian Savanna, in the National Park of Chapada dos Guimarães. Click to read more and get for full itinerary.

Pantantal Wilderness Safari 10 nights

This tour is a combination of a Classic Pantanal Safari (6nights) and a Paraguay River Jaguar Safari (4nights). Our Pantanal Wilderness Safari is a 'must' for every wildlife and nature enthusiast, and we guarantee that you will return enriched by this experience of a lifetime!


Pantanal Wetlands & Savannas
8 nights

Located on Brazil's border with Bolivia, the Pantanal is an ever-changing celebration of life. Its total size, around 150 000 square kilomotres, makes it the largest wetland in the world. Habitats range from semi-deciduous and evergreen tropical forests to palm woodlands, floodable grasslands and true pantanal. An enormous number of lakes and rivers dot and cross the region, constantly cleaning and renewing the wetlands. 

All this in combination with the  cliffs and strange rock formations of the Cerrado in Chapada dos Guimarães & Nobres present a distinctly different habitat on your tour. 

Harpy Eagle Encounter
7 nights

Standing three feet tall and up a seven feet wingspan, Harpy Eagle is the strongest bird of prey in the world! Located 130km from Cuiabá, Serra das Araras mountain range is by far the best place in Brazil to observe the migthy Harpy Eagle. This safari is excellent as an extension of a Pantanal & Cerrado Safari.



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