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Porto Jofre & Taiamã Reserve

Our Wilderness Safari takes you to the seldon visited Taiamã Reserve and Porto Jofre, the best areas to photograph Jaguars in South America.

Our Pantanal Wilderness Safari is a 'must' for every wildlife and nature enthusiast, and we guarantee that you will return enriched by this experience of a lifetime! During this incredible journey we will explore remote areas of the Paraguay River in search of the South American largest cat, the elusive Jaguar. We also capture Giant Otters, Yellow Anacondas, Tapirs, a vast array of photogenic birds and a realm of other tropical wildlife , away from the crowds. 

This combined with the classic tour along the Transpantaneira Road exploring the uplands of the Pantanal where we are based in different traditional fazendas (ranches) in search of the highlights of each area. These days, more and more of these fazendas are being converted into eco lodges. The higher lands of the Pantanal offer great opportunities to observe large mammals like the tapirs, giant anteaters, collared anteater,coatis, peccaries, march deers, monkeys, and a great diversity of bird species. What makes this safari exceptional is that you explore the two most dense areas of jaguars in the world as we also take you to Porto Jofre, located at the Cuiabá River. In this gigantic labyrinth of rivers, jaguars are more approachable and photo-sessions tend to be longer as these cats are more used to be observed from small boats . Jaguars, the third largest "big cat" on earth dwell deep within the Pantanal’s tangled floodplain forests. Here, they have remained one of the planet’s most photographically elusive large predators—until now! Along several Pantanal rivers, jaguars have become habituated to the growing activity of commercial and sport fishing boats. Over the past few years jaguars have learned to relax on the banks in the shade of riverside trees—because of their growing familiarity of this increasing river traffic.

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