About the Pantanal, the world's largest wetland
Jaguars, Caymans, Anteates, Tapirs, Anacondas, Giant Otters, Toucans, Hyacinth Macaws and a realm of neotropical wildlife



Located on Brazil's border with Bolivia, the Pantanal is an ever-changing celebration of life. Its sheer size, around 150.000 square kilometres, makes it the largest wetland in the world. Located in the middle of the continent, the lowland plains are characterized by pronounced wet and dry seasons. Habitats range from semi-deciduous and evergreen forests to palm woodlands and true pantanal. This mosaic of seasonally-flooded savannas and tropical forests offers the finest wildlife viewing in Latin America. Its spectacular biodiversity includes: 698 birds species, 80 mammals, 260 fish species and 50 reptiles.



This all make the Pantanal one of the most photographically productive wildlife habitats on the entire continent. Few places offer so many animals of such variety, so spectacularly visible, as the Pantanal. Wide open swamp areas facilitate the spotting of animals such as the March Deer, the Giant Anteater, the Maned Wolf, the South-American Tapir, the Giant Otter, the Yellow Anaconda, the Howler Monkey and the Jaguar. While the mammals are impressive, it is the amazing abundance of birds that gives the Pantanal its fame. Large numbers of beautiful and rare birds such as the Hyacinth Macaw and the  Southern Screamer are often seen.




About the location of safaris to the Pantanal
Porto Jofre & Taiamã  Reserve

PJS takes his travelers to the Northern Pantanal. In this vast land, two major rivers cross this endless mosaic of wetlands, savannas and tropical forests: the Cuiabá and Paraguay River. This remote region offers by far the finest wildlife viewing in the South America as there is practically no human activity  in this area. We provide safaris in two gateway  towns: Poconé and Cáceres, both located near Cuiabá airport.

Best Wildlife Safaris to the Pantanal.
Custom and Small Group Safaris, by vehicle, by boat, on foot & by horse

In the recent 5 years, the Pantanal has emerged as one of the best places in the world, if not the best place in the world, to watch and photograph jaguars in the wild. This wildlife rich region of the Pantanal offers a variety of authentic ranches, and eco-lodges from where you can explore this vast wetland in search of the giant anteater, South-American tapir, yellow anacondas, hundreds of birds species, beautiful hyacinth macaws, and elusive cats like jaguars, ocelots and pumas. You will discover this vast wilderness by boat, by vehicle, on foot and by horse (optional) depending on the accessibility and on the wildlife we target. For instance, forests birds are mostly visible and approachable on foot while jaguars and giant river otters are easily seen by boat along the rivers. Large mammals such as tapirs, pumas and anteaters, often use the same routes , so going by vehicle offers the best opportunities to spot them as we cover a larger area.

Below you find an overview of  safaris that we offer to the Pantanal. All of these tours are also very popular as private, customized departures, and can be tailor-made to your specific requirements. Please contact our office for further details.

Pantanal Premier Safari 8 nights


Pantanal Essestial Safari 5 nights


Porto Jofre Jaguar Safari 6 nights


Pantanal Custom Safari 

Pantanal Classic Safari 7 nights


Pantanal Intro Safari 3 nights



Pantanal Wilderness Safari 10 nights


Taiamã Reserve Jaguar Safari 5 nights



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